The Tertiary Classroom & Cafeteria Project!

Under Development! Phase 1 has started!

The Principal, Faculty and Staff were delighted to learn that with the help of the Jumby Bay Funds Charity, a substantial Donation was made to the shool that will enable us to build our last and long over due project.

Throughout this journey, Mr. & Mrs. Boulos-Callias always thought that the school would not be complete without a Classroom Building for not only Tertiary Education, but also for less academically inclined students to learn a trade, or for the less fortunate to go back to school to finish their education. The other buidlng they thought should be a part of any 21st Century school is a Full Fledge Cafeteria, with a proper dining room, students seating around a table eating with a fork and a knife. 

With this generous donation, the school will be able to put the final pieces of the original puzzle together.

The Tertiary Classroom Building will have 8 modern classrooms, aircooled, completety "Green" and powered by a Solar PV and battery backup system with all necessary teaching/learning equipment, administration,staffroom and a wheelchair accessible bathroom facility. Various Tertiary level programmes will be taught i.e; Cape, B-Tech, International Foundation Program (UK) and others, and opportunities for persons who were not able to finish their secondary education to come to SASS and finish it on a scholarship basis. 

The Cafeteria will be comprised of a 2500 sqf kitchen, a 1500 sqft dining room and a welcoming place to eat, socialise and also learn how to cook for the students who are interested. 

DCA Plans are being drawn and construction should begin sometime in May or June 2021 to have both buildings ready for a September 2022 opening.

We will be posting the drawings and pictures of the constuction process! Stay tuned!

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