Faculty team

  • Principal

    The SASS team headed by Mrs. Joann Boulos-Callias (B.A, B.Ed, M.Ed) as the Principal

    Native of Antigua and upon the completion of her secondary education, Mrs. Boulos-Callias went on to study at St. Mary’s University Halifax, Nova Scotia. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1982; Major French, Minor English. She acquired a Bachelor of Education Degree in 1983 which qualified her as a Secondary School French/English Teacher. She returned to University in 1988 and graduated 1 year later with a Masters of Education with Major concentration in Administration and Supervision.


+Angela Black
+Jacqueline Butler
+Kenisha Benn
+Liesl deGannes
+Lenore Dunnah
+Jener Fabian
+Ariel Maynard
+Margaret Irish
+Amara Isaac
+Dana Isaac
+Eleka Joseph
+Franz Ladoo
+Condell Maurice
+Harlon Nathan
+Barbara-Ann Jesse Morris
+Collen Ramsey-Rolland
+Cindy Robinson
+Catherine Stuart
+Patrick Thomas
+Timoy Titus