Vision and Mission

The vision, mission and core values of St. Anthony's Secondary School will lay the foundation for the direction and culture of our school.


St. Anthony’s Secondary School, an institute of academic learning coupled with social, athletic and cultural experiences, working to develop well rounded young persons ready to be responsible citizens in a multicultural community, work place or other institutions of higher learning.


At St. Anthony’s Secondary School we strive to share with students experiences that will benefit them on a global level, and will equip them with the tools to function and excel in their future. St. Anthony’s Secondary School provides its teachers with opportunities to stay abreast of up to date methods of teaching and ensure facilitation of their professional development. St. Anthony’s Secondary School endeavours to build strong relationships between parents, teacher and child, the Important stakeholders whose cooperation and mutual respect will ensure positive outcomes.

Core Values

In achieving its mission, the St. Anthony's community is guided by core values of:

  •       ♦ Academic integrity
  •       ♦ The pursuit of knowledge
  •       ♦ Importance of community service
  •       ♦ Tolerance
  •       ♦ Respect