Where it all began!

  • Every project starts somewhere. This school has a particular history that we need to share with you.

    We hope that it will give every one a real sense as to how this project was built.

    To date we feel incredibly proud to have been able to pull this off.

    Click the brilliant idea and enjoy the true story of St. Anthony's!

Our Emblem

  • The Inukshuk

    The Inukshuk is our emblem. Rather strange for a Caribbean Island, you might think, but very suited to the story of how this school was founded and built.

    The meaning of the Inukshuk "Remembering the dependence of one another and the importance of strong relationships" is the essence of 
    why we exist today.  When people put themselves together to create something that no one thought possible, in an environment where selfishness is too often the order of the day..  We stand proud to say that we did it.