Recruitment of teachers

St. Anthony’s Secondary School advertises both locally and abroad for their teachers. Because of the Principal’s years of experience as a Teacher Trainer and as a Principal, some Teachers who have already proven their worth are personally contacted to be made aware of the possibility of employment. The candidates are interviewed by the Principal and her assistant, their CV’s and references scrutinized over the up coming year before decisions are made. Strong background in subjects area, teacher training and years of experience are of utmost importance. This, coupled with the applicant’s interpersonal skills ensure that the students will be the beneficiaries of the best education possible.

Once Teachers are hired, they undergo a period (to be determined) of orientation during which time the vision of the school and what is expected of Teachers of St. Anthony’s Secondary School are reinforced to them (these would have been made abundantly clear in their interview prior to their employment). Professional Development Days are designated each term for the on going training of the Teachers. Each Teacher is on probation for three months during which time bi-weekly clinical supervision is carried out by the Principal and her assistant to ensure that objectives are being met i.e. students are learning at their potential and that the teachers are living up to the overall expectations of administration.

Each Teacher is furnished with a staff manual which outlines the guidelines within which they are to function. St. Anthony’s offers a  FAIR pay package, safe and friendly environment, well equipped facility and assurance to teachers that their professional development is a very high priority for administration.