Money Matters

In this section, you will find information on how and when to pay your tuitions and fees and other financial topics.

For more information, contact the School Administration.


They can answer questions about: ‌

             ♦ Registration‌

              ♦Student account payments



              ♦Confirmation of Enrolment letters

              ♦Immigration letters

Saint Anthony Secondary School
Langfords, PO Box W678
St. John’s, Antigua


Phone: 268-713-3000/01

  1. Tuitions & payment terms:

             A- Level Year 1 & 2

                       EC$ 11,880.00 annually each

              Payment terms

                       EC$ 5,940.00 Semester 1 - Sept to Feb

                       EC$ 5,940.00 Semester 2 - Feb to June




Payment can be arranged in two ways  as follows:

                ♦Full year payment upfront

                ♦Academic period payment (maximum of two (2)


                No discount at this time.


(Subject to change. In case of school fee increase, parents will be clearly notified in writing at least 8 months before due time)

Tuitions are due on or before the specific due date of each new academic period.

  1. Tuitions & Fees Rules and Regulations:

  • 1. As a specific school rule, any parents/guardians of students enrolled at St. Anthony Secondary School A-Level Program are liable for 2 FULL payments of school fees each year.

  • 2. If a student is withdrawing from school, parents must inform the administration in writing at least 15 days prior to the new academic period otherwise they are liable for the FULL payment of fees for that period.

4. “Book Fees” are pertaining to 2 categories;

  •            1 - Government books (belonging to the Government of Antigua & Barbuda).

  •            2 - St. Anthony Secondary School books (belonging to the school)

  • ♦In either case and especially in the books belonging to the Government, the school is bound by laws to maintain and assure that the students and parents are held responsible for any damage or loss (accidental or not) of each book. The school is responsible for collecting and reimbursing the “fee” associated and clearly identified ahead of the school year with the damage or the loss and therefore the school is not in a position to negotiate with the parents the replacement value of the said book.

  • ♦These fees are calculated each end of school year upon return of the school books or upon the departure of the child during the school year and due immediately after being identified.

  • 5. All outstanding fees must be cleared by the final day of school or your child will not be accepted for the following academic school year.

  • 6. Failure to abide by these rules will result in the following;

  •               a) Your child’s space may no longer be available in the following school academic period.

  •               b) Access to Praxi (School online support) will be denied.

  •               c) End of Semester Report Card will not be distributed.

  •               d) Final Year End Report card or Transcript will not be distributed.

  •               e) The school taking any legal and other steps available to recover the loss of funds. Legal and Cost fees to the charge of the parents/guardians.


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