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    Schedule training time is Thursdays (Beginners) and Fridays (Advance) from 3:30 to 5:00pm.

    Training sessions always start with a 10 minute warm up made up of running and stretching. Sessions are held in the Hall where usually 2 tables are setup. Advanced players would work on their technical skills using our Pong Robot that enables them to acquire speed and focus and/or train against one another for competitiveness.

    Starting January 2019, the Ministry of Sports is starting a new Table Tennis school league and our Team, the Aces, will be participating fully.

    A tournament has been set for Saturday October 20th 2018 by the Ministry of Sports. It is an Open Under 19 Tournament and will be held at the Multi Purpose Cultural Center in Perry Bay. 

    After confirmation by Mr. Richard "Chucky" Bellot, President of the ABTTA, man in charge, and in conjunction with the Ministries of Sports & Education, starting January 2019 the Ministry will introduce a Tennis Table School League to be held in various schools which have been given boards to play and train. The format will be Home/Away games and will be held during school hours. More information will be posted as we get them.

    SASS intend to participate in numbers to help our students/players to build up their mental strenght.



  • SASS students excel once again at the ABTTA Tournament on December 1st, winning the U15 and U19 categories, placing 2nd in the U15 and 2nd and 3rd in the U19 category.

    Congratulations to the 3 players for a job weldone, showing grace in defeat and humility in winning!

    Adryan Nicholas - Winner of the U15 & U19 category.

    Luc Perry - Second place in the U15 & U19 category.

    Hayden Tonge - Third place in the U19 category.


ABTT Tournament December 1st, 2018


ABTTA Tournament October 20th, 2018

SASS 2018 Annual Table tennis Tournament