• St. Anthony's offers three (3) very distinctive academic programs.




    3) ADVANCED LEVEL (Post Secondary Level)


Secondary Level Program

This runs from Form 1 – 5 and is drawn from local, regional, North American and the curriculum in the United Kingdom. It is designed to facilitate a smooth transition into the CSEC Curriculum which takes precedents in Forms 4 and 5.

End of year High School Exams or CXC (Caribbean Examination Council) are taken at the end of FORM/GRADE - 5/11

FORMS/GRADES - 1/7, 2/8, 3/9, 4/10, 5/11

Learning Challenges

The program is offered for students with Literacy Deficiencies, Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD and High Functioning Autism.

The objectives are:

  • ♦To provide an opportunity and a pathway for students challenged with learning difficulties or environmental/emotional challenges to be part of a secondary school environment and a semi inclusive programme. 

  • ♦To set suitable learning challenges for students ensuring a wider range of subjects and experiences usually associated with secondary education. 

  • ♦To offer a supportive setting through which students can continue to develop, physical, cognitive, communication, emotional and behavioural skills in order to maximize their knowledge and understanding. 

  • ♦To collaborate with other Educational Institutions and organizations for progression to further education and vocational training. 

  • ♦To work with parents/guardians in the best interest of the student. 

Advanced Level (CAPE)

This is a Post Secondary Program that requires to have first succeeded the CXC exams. It is a two (2) year program and serves as a bridge beween High School and University...

Please note that entry requirements for most USA University will require students to have passed their SAT exams.