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  • SASS Steel orchestra competed for the first time in the 2019 National Youth Orchestra Competition held at the Sir Vivian Stadium. The school is very proud of the outcome, disciplin showed by the players, and the overwhelming support for our parents..

    With the help of the West Point Steel orchestra who gracefuly lended the necessary missing pans, the school was able to attend and our students given the opportunity to participate thanks to the hard work of Ms.Gardner and Mr. Demetre Samuel, the arranger and directorof SASS Steel Orchestra.

    "Demetre Samuel is the arranger and director of SASS Steel Orchestra. With nine years of steel pan experience under his belt, he is currently a member of the Caribbean Union Bank Hell's Gate Steel Orchestra, the Antigua & Barbuda Defense Force Steel Orchestra, and is also the steel pan teacher at the St. John's Catholic School. During his first attempt as an arranger, he captured 2nd runner up in the inaugural 4-a-side competition in 2018. Last year brought a new first as Demetre led SASS to the stage for their historical Junior Panorama debut and later placed 1st runner up in the Gemonites Moods of Pan 25-a-side competition."

    Enjoy the videos!

    The school is in dire need of extra pans to allowed us to build our orchestra to what it should be at to enter the Annual National Youth Competition but also any other available competition. Any financial help to achieve it will be greatfully accepted.


School training session

School training session

Panache Pan Yard Jam

Panache Pan Yard Jam

Panache at Work! Thank you for allowing us to join you!


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